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House wine

Das Sandseele hat einen eigenen Cuvée.

In collaboration with the Reichenau cellar master Thomas Sättele, we developed a refreshing summer cuvée, which you should definitely drink in winter too.

Then it is reminiscent of mild long summer nights with one of the legendary sunsets on the South Sea Sand Sea beach and shortens the cold season.

Our house wine pairs the lightness of Gutedel with the freshness of Müller-Thurgau and the classiness of the organic Sauvignier Gris. Of course, all wines are grown on the island.

Our Sandseele house wine simply makes life more beautiful!



Es prickelt so schön am Sandseele:

der im Champagnerverfahren hergestellte Schaumwein ist das richtige Getränk für alle Anlässe. Oder wie Bette Davis zu sagen pflegte: „ Es gibt Zeiten im Leben einer Frau, in denen das einzige was noch hilft, Champagner ist!“ Unser Crémant Rosé schmeckt nach roten Beeren und passt einfach zu allem und zu jeder Zeit, also immer.




There is no sensible reason not to start or end the day with a glass of sparkling fresh sand and sea sesecco. Try it, you deserve it.

The beautifully designed bottle with the Sand Sea logo is also an excellent souvenir and will give the recipient that certain Sand Sea feeling! You just have to drink enough of it.


Inselbier Sandseele-Edition

A special beer for a special place.

Selected ingredients from our region, specially brewed for the sand soul by the Inselbier manufactory on the island of Reichenau.

We love


Fischbox is a company with a lot of experience and a passion for fish. We specialize in local smoked fish, homemade fish crunch, shrimp and smoked salmon from Norway and Scotland.

The smoked salmon is seasoned by a former star chef in the Dreisamtaler salmon factory with the spices from “Strabo's herb garden”. Our smoked freshwater fish are from regional aquaculture and of course free of additives. Bodenseeaal, Bodenseeefelchen, char, trout and salmon trout are processed by hand on the island of Reichenau and refined with the unmistakable fish spice from "Strabo's herb garden". But not only the smoked fish, but also the homemade fish crisp pearls, such as Kretzer or Zanderknus pearl, taste like the herbal freshness of the island of Reichenau. We source our shrimp from an organic shrimp farm in Vietnam, which pays its employees fairly and produces organically. Their products are certified according to Naturland, EU Bio and Bio Suisse. 


With the beginning of the 2020 season, you can enjoy the unique taste of Strabo's fish spice in the smoked fish and Strabo's crunchy fish pearl in the restaurant on the Sandseele convince yourself. You are sure to like it as much as we do. Enjoying a fair and animal-friendly product is simply more fun!

If you want to enjoy our smoked fish at home or if you want to please those who stayed at home, you will find the sales outlets at Are you missing your favorite fish in the list? Ask us!

More than spices

Strabo’s Kräutergarten

Es war einmal ein Kräutergarten…

Walahfried Strabo hat als Abt des Klosters Reichenau im 9. Jahrhundert den ersten klösterlichen Kräutergarten angelegt. Bis heute wachsen darin verschiedenste Heilkräuter und Gewürze. Im lateinischen Gartenbuch „Strabo’s Hortulus“ hat er die Pflanzen in einer einzigartigen Dichtung erfasst. 



Spice mixes

Fish dishes, barbecues, salads, soups and sauces only get their special note through special herbs and spices. 

The dried buds, flowers, fruits and leaves of aromatic plants give your kitchen its unique taste. Like herbs, many spices have a beneficial effect on the organism in addition to their individual aroma.


Fine Drinks

Inspired by the traditional brewing and distilling processes of the monks, the fruity “Strabo‘s Obstler” and the mildly spicy “Strabo‘s pomace” were created.

For “Strabo‘s Obstler” we only use the best Lake Constance pomaceous fruit. This gives “Strabo's Obstler” its particularly fruity aroma. 

"Strabo‘s Trester" is made from the grape varieties of sun-kissed Lake Constance grapes. Refined with a sprig of fresh rue, the mild marc gets its incomparably spicy aroma.




The herbs develop their health-promoting effects especially in tea. Our tea is a harmonious blend of tasty herbs.

Ingredients: raspberry leaves, apple, blackberry leaves, rose hip peel, blueberry herb, hibiscus (mallow), peppermint, spearmint, sunflower, marigold, cat's paw and delphinium flowers.

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